Hospital Affiliations

Psychiatrist with Patient

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Hartford, Connecticut

1992- 2018

  • Director, Consultation-Liaison Services
  • Member, Medical Staff Council
  • Psychiatric Consultant, Bariatric Surgery Steering Committee
  • Coordinator, Medical Education
  • Founder & Director of Medical Student Clerkship Rotation for 3rd Year Medical Students from University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Person Walking Through Doors Psychiatry

The Institute of Living, Hartford, Connecticut

July 1989 to May 1993

  • Founder and Director, Eating Disorder Day Hospital
  • Associate Director, Adult Outpatient Services
  • Developed Outpatient-Specialty Clinics for Affective Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Eating Disorders
  • Associate Director, Residency Training Program
  • Coordinator, Medical Student Education
  • Founder and Director of Medical Student Clerkship Rotation 
  • Committee Memberships
    • Institute Medical Group, Board of Directors
    • Medical Executive Committee
    • Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee
    • Private Practice Committee
    • Outpatient Service Administrative Task